Does Your Car Need Brake Repair? 5 Signs that Scream Yes!

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair? 5 Signs that Scream Yes!There is little argument to say that the brake system on your car is its most important safety feature. While things like the airbags and seatbelts are wonderful in the event of an accident, it is the brakes that can prevent that accident from ever occurring. Should you encounter any of these signs of brake failure be sure to contact your local auto repair shop for professional diagnostics and brake service immediately.

Grinding Sounds While Braking

One of the most common signs of brake failure is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs as you begin to slow down. As the brake pads rub away the frame that contains them will begin to make contact with the rotors or drums, which is the reason you will hear the screeching metal on metal sounds.


When you hit the brakes your car should continue moving in a straight line without jerking left or right. If you do feel it pull one way or the other there is a good chance that the pads are wearing unevenly. Unfortunately, it may be a more serious issue. Contaminants in the brake fluid or a failed wheel cylinder could also be a culprit.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

A strange vibration that seems to be coming from the brake pedal is a good sign of warped brake rotors. Rotors are what the brake pads rub against in order to slow the vehicle and if they are warped there will be insufficient surface area, meaning it will take longer to slow your car.

Soft Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal easily goes to the floor when pushed upon, or if it rests closer to the floor than it used to, you will want to visit the auto shop ASAP. This could be something simple, like heavily worn brake pads, but there is a good chance that your vehicle has developed a dangerous brake fluid leak.

Illuminated ABS Light

The ABS light on your dashboard stands for anti-lock braking system. If this light comes on be sure to visit your local auto shop ASAP. If this light comes on it means a sensor has detected a braking problem and further diagnostics are necessary.

For professional brake repair in Mills, WY or the surrounding areas, including Casper, reach out to Chuck's Auto Repair. Our team of expert auto repair technicians will have your car back on the road in a safe and reliable condition in no time. Give us a call at (307) 265-0209 to schedule superior auto repair in Mills today.

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