What Causes a Rough Idle?

What Causes a Rough Idle?It is extremely frustrating when a vehicle begins to run poorly, especially when the issue arises out of nowhere. While many things can cause an engine to struggle run, most of them are relatively small and easy to repair. If you notice a rough idle be sure to get to the repair shop for engine diagnostics before the problem gets worse and more extensive engine repairs are needed. There's a good chance the problem could be caused by one of the following.

Bad Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what generate the tiny explosion that ignites that air and fuel mixture to move the pistons inside the engine. If the spark plugs become dirty or corroded the engine could misfire, which will cause a rough idle, illuminate the check engine light and drain your fuel tank much quicker than normal.

Fuel Delivery Issue

A sputtering engine is often caused by a lack of fuel. There are several reasons gas may not make it to the combustion chamber. The most common reasons include a clogged fuel filter, malfunctioning fuel injection units or a broken fuel pump.

Failing Ignition Coils

The ignition coils are what generate the electricity needed to feed feed the spark plugs to ensure they're able to fire. If the coils fail the spark plugs will lay dormant. In many cars replacing ignition coil packs are simple to replace.

Clogged Air Filter

As mentioned it takes fuel and air to make a car run. If not enough oxygen can make it to the combustion chamber the vehicle will make up for it by burning extra gas. This can cause the engine to run very poorly and greatly decrease your RPMs.

Malfunctioning Alternator

The alternator provides electrical power to many systems during vehicle operation. The fuel injection system requires ample amounts of electricity so if it can't get it from the alternator it will struggle to perform, which can result in a rough idle, stalling or even prevent your car from starting depending on the condition of the alternator.

If you notice your car's engine is running a bit rough head to your local auto repair shop to prevent the problem from getting worse. To schedule superior engine diagnostics in Mills or Casper visit Chuck's Auto Repair Service. Our team of dedicated technicians will have your car running great in no time. At the first sign of car trouble call (307) 265-0209 to schedule expert auto repair in Casper!

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