How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Save You Money?

How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Save You Money?If you neglect your car of routine auto maintenance you will soon find yourself neck deep in expensive repair bills for this and that. All vehicles are designed with maintenance needs in mind, which are then printed in a service schedule inside your owner's manual. By abiding by this schedule you'll be able to do your best to prevent your car from breaking down due to some major malfunction. There are many services required by cars and trucks in order to keep them healthy and safe. These services are often referred to as preventative auto maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

The term preventative maintenance is relatively self explanatory, but it is an all encompassing term. It represents many different aspects of auto maintenance which includes factory scheduled maintenance, 30/60/90K services, tune ups, oil changes and more. The reason it is preventative is that it helps prevent, as the name suggests, damage from occurring to your vehicle. It may seem strange to conduct some sort of automotive service when nothing is wrong, but without this service, something will definitely go wrong in the long run. It is important to spend a little bit of money on these services now in order to avoid having to spend larger amounts on bigger repairs later. These are some of the most common preventative maintenance services that your vehicle will require.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are incredibly important for your car. They ensure that the engine is properly lubricate in order to prevent harsh metal on metal contact that will result in a need for engine repair or rebuilding. Oil changes also help ensure the motor is running properly and fresh oil helps to regulate the operating temperature inside the motor, thus preventing addition heat related issues.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is what keeps the moving parts inside the motor moving in sync. If it were to break it would wreak havoc on your engine. Timing belts generally need to be replaced every 70,000 to 105,000 miles, depending on the type of vehicle that you drive. Be sure to check your service manual to see when your vehicle is due!

Fluid Flushes

All vehicles require special fluids to operate certain systems and on occasion the fluids need to be drained and replaced. These services include the power steering flush, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, transmission fluid flush and differential flush.

If you put off routine auto maintenance you're doing a huge disservice to your vehicle. When it comes time for any type of auto maintenance in Mills or Casper, WY, head to Chuck's Auto Repair. Our team of dedicated auto repair technicians will take great care of your car, ensuring it is safe and reliable. To schedule professional auto maintenance in Casper give us a call at (307) 265-0209 today.

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