4 Tips for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

4 Tips for Enhanced Fuel EfficiencyGas prices never seem to remain stable, if anything, they're always getting higher. That's why it is important to always do what you can for your vehicle to ensure it gets the best fuel economy as possible. While the number of cylinders, horsepower, car weight all factor in to how many miles per gallon your vehicle will get, there are things you can do to help maximize efficiency. These tips for enhanced fuel economy will help save you time and money at the pump!

Avoid long idles

There is a common notion that cars need to warm up for in order to be ready for the highway, particularly in cooler weather. While some older (as in actual classic cars) may need a little time to be roadworthy after sitting, daily drivers ought to be ready to go within seconds of being started up. Lengthy warm up times not only waste fuel, but if they are needed for a vehicle to be roadworthy, then it is likely a sign of a bigger issue with the car.

Replacing old spark plugs

This service is a great way to restore your fuel economy. Spark plugs are what create the small explosion that powers the pistons. A dirty or corroded spark plug can cause misfires, and because spark plugs fire millions of times for every thousand miles traveled, this can result in a large waste of gas.

Properly Inflate Tires

Air pressure in tires is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and if your car's tires aren't inflated to their specified pressure then you could be losing two MPGs or more. This is because soft rubber is harder to turn! Properly inflated tires not only help maintain maximum fuel economy, but they provide better traction, meaning a safer commute.

Replace the air filter

Your car's motor burns a mixture of gas and oxygen in order to run. The air comes in through an intake and travels through an air filter before being mixed with gas. If the air filter becomes too dirty it will restrict airflow, which can cause your engine to burn more fuel than necessary. This can also cause internal engine damage due to excess heat creating. Replacing a dirty air filter is a simple and affordable task that will extend the life of your car.

If you have noticed a drop in fuel economy there may be trouble brewing with your vehicle. The best thing to do for your car is to bring it to an auto shop for a tune up and inspection! For excellent auto maintenance in Mills or Casper head to Chuck's Auto Repair Service. Our auto maintenance team will ensure your getting the best possible fuel efficiency! Give us a call at (307) 265-0209 to schedule superior auto maintenance in Mills the next time your car is due for service.

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