Does My Car Have An Exhaust Leak?

Does My Car Have An Exhaust Leak?The exhaust system is designed to remove the fumes created by your car's internal combustion engine, route them under the passenger cabin, convert them to less hazardous emissions, and release them out of the tailpipe. This is all done in an effort to maximize performance while minimizing harm to the environment. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, a properly working exhaust system prevents toxic fumes from entering the passenger cabin. To ensure both you and your car remain healthy, be on the lookout for any of these signs of an exhaust leak.

Loud Engine

One of the most common signs of an exhaust leak is if your car's engine suddenly sounds a lot louder than normal. Another task of the exhaust system is noise dampening, so a hole in the system will increase engine noise. This will be particularly apparent during rapid acceleration, such as when getting onto the highway.

Massive MPG Decrease

If there is a leak in the exhaust system it is probable that the oxygen sensor will be affected. This sensor is located in the exhaust system and detects oxygen levels to help determine how much gas should be burned. A leak will increase oxygen levels read by the sensor, which will cause it to send more fuel to the engine, reducing MPGs by 25 percent or more.

Failed Emissions

There are numerous reasons a car may fail a smog or emissions test, but one big one is an exhaust leak. If your car fails to pass emissions testing, head to a local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and repairs so you can ensure your car remains legal to operate.

Vibrating Gas Pedal

A hole in the exhaust system will often result in vehicle vibrations that can be heavily felt in the gas pedal. Strange shaking and vibrating are always a clear indication that a trip to the auto shop are in your future.

If you believe that your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak be sure to visit your local auto shop as soon as possible, for both you and your car's sake. To request professional exhaust repair in Mills, WY, head to Chuck's Auto Repair Service. Our team is staffed by expert auto repair technicians who can tackle any problem your vehicle may be having. To learn more, or to request an estimate for superior auto repair in Mills give us a call at (307) 265-0209 today.

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